Be Conscious of the Grace of God

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Alignment

What a dark day we are living in, a dark day and yet in the environment of where we are
there is such hope, and uplift and peace and a sense of wanting to move forward with God,
and don’t take that for granted, don’t take that for granted. You know, sometimes we get so used to the uplift, of the Holy Spirit that, you think it’s normal, and you think everybody is like that and you take it for granted, but we want to be conscious and aware of the fact that this is not normal, this is God.

There is the grace of God flowing all around us. It feels so normal, it feels so usual, it feels so much like you that you forget the wondrous mystery of just being in the kingdom and not being rubbed raw by all the turbulence and the craziness that’s going on around us.

People are walking all around us on their last nerve you know. People are falling apart every day. People are stressed and distressed. People are desperate and ignorant and have nowhere to go. People are tearing at each other in their houses and yet here we are; our brains, our souls are full of a sense of the migration of God. We have great friendships; we are in a palace of peace, that’s the grace of God; that’s the grace of God, the grace of God.

And so we want to be aware of that and be very conscious of that, alright. Mature people are conscious. Things don’t go by them and then they will know what happened. They know, this is God passing right in front of me. Your eyes track Him. You track Him with your eyes.
We see Him. So I want everybody tracking with your eyes, the movement of God; you won’t see anything, He’s not visible. You can track Him in the peace that’s in your heart. Track Him in the words that flowing around you. Track Him with what’s the atmospherics within the community. Track Him with what is rising inside of your hearts and just be aware of the fact, that listen, we are in a holy time. It’s a great holy day to be alive.