Look at What the Will of God Has Done

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Alignment

So we are in a season where the will of God is becoming dominant; I want you all to love the will of God. Look at what it has done for us. Look at what it produced for us. Look how the will of God has created a world for us, has made it wonderful for us. Look at what the will of God has done. I find no fault with it, Amen? No fault with it. Even if you follow it when you don’t have understanding, it becomes clear. You don’t have to understand, you just have to obey. Even if you attach obedience to His Divine will. The secret to life success is to throw away your will and submit unto God. Not that you don’t have a will, not that you are stupid. You choose to submit your will to the Will of God. It’s a mature choice; it creates maturity inside of your heart. That’s what Jesus said; “Not my will but Yours”. He had a will. He had a will. He was not a robot. Every time he woke up in the morning, He chose to do the will of God. “Not my will!” He said, “But let your will be done”. Oh you have a will? We saw it right there in the word of God. He was given a will. Part of being Jesus is that He submitted that every day to God and say I choose to do You, I choose to do You. I know what I want but I choose You. I know what will make me comfortable, but I choose You. Going to the cross was pretty uncomfortable. That was not a beautiful day. That was like – worst day of His life but He still did it. So it’s not depending on what seems nice or what’s comfortable or what you prefer. It’s just the knowledge that it’s His will and you choose His will above yours. And we are going to do that forever. I think that’s a beautiful thing.