Your Grace Is My Sufficiency

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Joy

Everybody lift up your holy hands and tell God thank You. I wish I could convey to you how amazing it is that God is talking to us. God doesn’t talk to us because we deserve it, God talks to us because of His mercy, Amen. No human being can do anything to deserve a word from God, you can’t. Nothing human can deserve a word from God.

We are grateful to God because of His mercy toward us, Amen. His mercy towards us. And we remind ourselves Father that when we are weak in that You can perfect your strength. Remind ourselves that Your grace is sufficient for us. It’s my sufficiency. Whatever is the requirement and the need to walk forth in life, Your grace is my sufficiency.

It’s my sufficiency in the internal aspects of my life, my thoughts, my feelings, my desires, my mentality. It’s my sufficiency as I go about my business, as I train my children and build my family, as I build my career and my business, as I make decisions about the multitude of things I have to deal with in life. As a young person determining my pathway, looking forward into the future, hearing crises on every side and yet laying hold upon the wisdom and upon the faith of God.

It is my sufficiency as You heal me from my infirmities, as You touch my body and You give me hope, as You allow me to stand in the middle of the press and the crisis of the day. Your grace is my sufficiency, and Your power is made perfect, in my weakness.

Father we lift up our weakness up on to You today as people, as a church, and as a Congress. We boast like Paul, we fully embrace, and we glory in our weakness, in our lack of ability, to move one iota in the dimension of the Spirit apart from the grace and from the word of God. Together we give You our gratitude, and our thanks. Thank You. Thank You for speaking to us. Thank You Father, thank You God. Thank You for your goodness, thank You for your guidance, thank You for your power coming into my family another time. Thank You for architecture coming into my heart and into my life. Thank You God that You are making all things new, that You are taking away the past and creating a brand new pathway for me.

Thank you for the possibilities of the future. Thank You for what You are creating, thank You for the pathway, You have made my way broad so that I do not turn my ankle, my feet will not slip, lift up my hands and I thank You. Thank you for all that You are doing. I thank You for accelerated listening and for clear hearing of Your word in the days, and in the weeks, months and in the years to come. Thank You for talking to us. Thank You Father, thank You God.