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Thank You for the Journey

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Offering

So I encourage you, don’t go back to your old self. Don’t go back to your old marriage, don’t go back to your old sin, don’t go back to your old deviance, don’t go back to your old doubts, Amen? Let’s keep moving forward into where God has brought us. We’ve tasted the fruit of the land, it’s a beautiful taste, it’s not of Earth, it’s from somewhere else. Amen? Our home. Homeland, our homeland. For the fathers, the Ancients, our old uncles, those who went before us, who are gazing down upon us, the Word of God says and urging us to go forward. When Paul wrote it, he gave the image of a stadium, which the Romans invented, a colosseum, a stadium, just like today’s stadiums, and they’re up in the stands, and we’re on the field. And that’s exactly what’s happening, from a higher place there is an encouragement that’s flowing into the Earth, because it’s almost here and they cannot be made perfect apart from us, Amen? So Father we thank you for our journey. I rejoice because every single saint around the world now has a clear sight and a clear sense and a clear understanding of the journey. Thank You for the journey. Thank You for the journey of us as a people, as a company. Thank You for the journey of us as a global company, across the Earth. Thank You for the journey of us as a family, for my family. Thank You for the journey of us in my own life, as an individual on the way with God, an individual laying hold of the precious things of the Spirit. Thank You for the journey, thank You for coming close, within the orbit of my sight. Thank You for coming so close that my perception can behold You, 24 hours a day. My perception now sees You, my eyes behold You because my heart is pure and the pure in heart will always see God, the pure in heart will see God. Thank You that my eyes perceive You, my spiritual understanding now takes hold of You, in a way that will never go away. Thank You for changing me substantially and finally, powerfully, mightily. We thank You for what You have done. We lift up our worship unto You, we magnify You, You are worthy to receive our praise. Amen?