We Lift Up Our Holy Hands

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Offering

We lift up our holy hands unto God, like David used to, like all the old ancients, lifted up their hands, lifted up their hands unto God. That’s what they did back in the ancient days. The Finish was so far away they could not see it, except for visionary men like Enoch, who looked forward over time and it blew his mind and God came down and snatched him physically off the earth. But they all lifted their hands in faith, believing for our generation, looking forward, hoping for a people, searching for a city, prophesying in the midst of the darkness, speaking the words of God, knowing that their words were important even though it destroyed their mortal lives. That what came from heaven would not return to Him empty but like rain falling on the earth causes seeds to grow and plants to come forth, that the will and purpose of God will birth itself and prosper and come forth in the midst of tumultuous and critical times. And they gave their life knowing certain things about the structure of reality and believing God for a people of light and understanding and character and power that will live in a day that Daniel prophesied: “I saw the kingdom like a mighty stone, smashed the image upon the feet and crushed and grounded to powder by superiority of life and wisdom and community and strength. And the Holy Spirit like a mighty wind, blew all the dregs of Babylon out of the context of our life and in the earth.”

And Father, we lift up our hands in the midst of times and sight and in the midst of days and seasons of Exactness. We lift our hearts up unto you. Gazing towards you, believing upon you, purifying our life, walking with understanding, standing strong in faith. Receiving strength from my brethren and strength from the power of community. Building something excellent. Committing ourselves not to darkness but unto light. We lift our hands and we gaze towards You and we bless You. Our young ones in the midst of us, our marriages, our families, our friends, our men, standing strong and our women lifting up their hearts unto God in a holy day and we exalt You and magnify You. And worship You and call upon You. We call upon You. We look towards You, we are asking You to come and to move in our midst and to deliver us from this mortality and this darkness of life, in which we walk in today. You are worthy to receive our praise, everything we see of You, is full of glory. Everything we see of You, is full of light. Everything we see of You, is full of standards and beauty. You are a mighty God and a glorious King, worthy to receive our worship and our praise. Worthy to receive, our worship and our praise. We bless You, we exalt You, we magnify You, we lift You up and worship You. You are a mighty God and a glorious King. We lift our hearts up unto You.