Upper Realm

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: I’m A Sanctuary

GLVBS, moving forward
We’re in the Upper Realm

We’re living in the Upper Realm
In a land that’s new
Fulfilling all that God requires
Doing all God wants to do
Discovering the way to walk
Fueled by faith not fear
We’re living in the Upper Realm
What’s impossible here is possible there

He brought us up to the Upper Realm
A whole new level of life
Enhanced quality of
Our perspective and sight
And the time has arrived
To rise and shine bright
Be a global sanctuary
Reflecting the Christ
And we in this new place
Because the saints prayed
Committed now more than ever
To hear and obey
And the AAN, is the way we navigate
And we all carry weight
Regardless of our age
So let them hear it in our speech
Let them see it in our conduct
Love and purity, 1 Timothy reminds us
Every life built right
So we can do the illogical
In this location where
All things are possible

The GGPE has opened the door (door)
And I will give God more (more)
In this new realm where we now live
My full obedience I will give
In my heart Father is the seed
To do what you will, what you please
I offer my hands to do Your work
I commit to Your plan
I follow Your Word
Your will is my command

No we will not forget
The God of our birth
We know who we are inside
We know what we’re worth

We’re living in the Upper Realm
(we’re living in the Upper Realm)
Pursuing all that God wants us to do
We’re living in the Upper Realm
(we’re living in the Upper Realm)
Discovering all things
Are possible with You