It’s A Day

Artist:   Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: My Cry

Immortality is right around the corner. It’s time we get there. How many people love God? Ain’t no time to sin – this is not the sinning time. Amen? This is not sinning time! To sin is to be foolish and to lose your way. To sin is to be blind and have your eyes taken out. To sin is to be insane in a day of wisdom

This is a day of wisdom, not a day of insanity. A day of righteousness, not a day of sinning. This is a day of direction, not a day of losing of your way. This is a day of identity, not a day of not knowing who you are. This is a day of declaration, not a day of bargaining and negotiating with things that are dark. Amen? This is a day of a direction, going straight forward unto the end. That’s the kind of day it is!

For you young people, it’s not a day to be fiddling around. It’s not a day to be touching other flesh and defiling yourself. It’s not that kind of day. Amen? It’s a day for strength. A day to believe God in the midst of your problems. It’s that kind of a day. Amen?

What a beautiful day it is! It’s a day of joy and a time of love. That’s the kind of day. Amen? And a mighty God, moving towards a season of battle, that’s exactly where we going. You all lift up your holy hands up unto Him and bless Him and commit yourself unto Him in a brand new way

If there ever was a day when you have to be counted; if there ever was a day when you have to be strong; if there ever was a day when young people made inner vows and determined to be strong. This, this, right here, this… it’s a day for young men, young women to lift up their hands, and to just absolutely be at their fundamental best for God! It’s a day of improvements. It’s a day of grasping of the high standard of God. It’s a day when we depart from that which is low and debased and defiled. It’s a day when we move towards that which is excellent and shining and wonderful. That is that kind of a day

We lift our holy hands before God on a day of worship. The bible says in the midst of the congregation of the holy ones, we lift up our hands and commit ourselves unto God afresh. To the journey, to the movement, to the end of the way. We commit ourselves unto a move that shall never cease, that will be sustained until the ultimate finish

A movement with strength unto the ultimate joy, through mortality, unto an inevitable immortality. That which is promised by the very voice of God, and we seize it by faith in the name of Jesus. We take hold of it by faith, in the name of Jesus. Father, we lift our hands and we bless You and we exalt You, we magnify and worship You. We commit our hearts to You. We lift our eyes and we gaze straight forward, straight forward, we gaze straight forward. Straight forward with eyes like lasers unto the brightness of a new day. We gaze straight forward. And from the bowels of the Holy Spirit, into my spirit comes strength and refreshing and joy and peace that shall never, never pass away. Amen?

We lift our voices and we bless You God! What a day! What a day! What a day! We exalt You! We magnify You!

Rain falling from heaven. Rain upon my house. Rain upon my wife, rain on my husband, rain on my children. Rain upon my friends. Rain upon my life. Let there be rain. Rain God. A deluge, a gusher of rain, coming upon my soul, upon my heart, upon my life. Upon my desire, upon everything that I am doing for you. Rain down from heaven. Rain down from heaven upon everything that pertains to me. Let your showers fall into the earth!

And we thank you for it in the name of Jesus. Hallelujah!