We Want Eyes To See (Intro)

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: My Offering

Father we ask for gifts of eyes that can see; not just natural sight but discernment, capacity to see, to understand, to comprehend what is taking place among us;to understand the times,to see beyond the shape of time, and to see the mission, the movement, the impartation of God falling into the earth. We want sight, we want discernment, want eyes to see. We do not want to be obscured and blinded by the seductions and by the nonsense that’s the darkness that’s in the earth. Ears that hear are a gift from God.Give me ears that can hear, spirits that are alert and sensitive and quick to receive from God. Translating, things that appear into wisdom and understanding of what God wants for my life, what God wants for my future, what God wants for my next choice, and my next decision, what God wants for my tomorrow, what is the ordained pattern and plan and direction of God in my life going forward. Open my eyes Father; open my ears to the power of the Holy Spirit. We want eyes that see!