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The Thunder will Never Stop

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: The Thunder will Never Stop


Prayer like rolling thunder 20 hours across the earth from west right across to the east and around the planet. We will do that as God wields us as a weapon of war; targeting the systems, calling the power of God into the systems of the earth, discerning God’s next intent and commanding them into the earth. Let prayer continue to roll like thunder and believers… the thunder will never stop!

[Verse 1]

Let the rain pour, Let the thunder roar
Pivot on the core, God open the door. This prayer we offer
Unto you father, all for you father, my life is thunder
Let it roll out, large numbers come out
Each trooper storm out. Declare with your mouth
The thunder will never stop, the ball will never drop
God’s people won’t ever flop. We go to the very top
Thunder in our every day. Thunder in the words we say
Thunder in the way we pray. With the thunder we slay
A cry goes up from the earth; A great storm’s on the verge
Hear the sky crack, watch it go pitch black
The gun go click clack. The enemy fall back
We are His thunder, He gives us the power
We’ll take the system. We’ll shake the system
We’ll break the system. Remake the system
With our prayer we tear it apart. Once we start…


The thunder will never stop…

[Verse 2]

Flood gates will open and never close
Constant, onslaught on our foes
His strength we impose. We will set His people free, like Moses
Our force will keep building. Our strength will keep growing
Our light will keep shinning. For God we’ll keep marching
So give us the ammunition for this mission
Continue to speak and we will listen
The entire world will stop! and pay attention!…
To the thunder, our God of wonder
The all mighty creator, Jehovah and Lion of Judah
For us there is no such thing as fear!
So listen with each ear! We are God’s people right here!
Thunder and lightning, ahead by light years
We are at the centre
Until He takes us back like Elijah
We only get better, because…


The thunder will never stop


That is not an event. That is something that will roll until God opens the heavens and comes back into the earth and every single saint of the Congress in going to take hold of that and lift it up and make that part of our participation in the prophetic future of the Congress in times to come


The thunder will never stop