Built To Last

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: A World Of Worship Vol. 2


Yeah! Yeah!
We’re built to last!
Yeah! Yeah!
We’re built to last!
Yeah! Yeah!
We’re built to last!
Built to last!
Built to last!

[Verse 1]

It’s been declared Christ will build His Church
The gates of hell will not disturb
He’s the Alpha and the Omega
The Beginning and the End
We are His people made in His frame
He’ll last forever so we’ll the same
Built in His word, our only base
That’s why we’re built to last

[Verse 2]

The Mountain of the Lord in this day
Will rise above and will dominate
As His nature takes its rightful place
His word will be fulfilled
He will conquer and the earth be still
Together with Him we’ll crush all things
Heaven and earth will vanish away
Making all things new

[Verse 3]

We are that Mountain that will prevail
So every satanic gate we break
Cut from the stone not made by man
Formed in His image by grace
Shaped in His ways by His masterful hand
Strong apostolic-prophetic man
That’s why we sing, that’s why we say
We’re built to remain


Built to last
Built for this age
Fortified by His grace
The enemy cannot prevail
God’s company will reign
Built to last, built for this age
Fortified by His grace
Christ will reign, we’ll prevail
Forever and always…BUILT TO LAST