Over Here

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: A World Of Worship Vol. 2


Over there, way back over there
Are all these false sounds that I used to hear
Over there, they’re receding in the distance

But over here where the mountain quakes
He descends, our spirits activate
The voice of the Lord is loud and persistent


I’m elevating, I’m going up
Up the mountain, to the top
Toward the glory, toward the shine
Far beyond the structures of my mind

Up to places I’ve never been before
Within my heart and deep within my core
Where the word of the Lord has come
The transformation has begun
And can never be undone
Over here … Over here …


Over here God’s light bursts forth within my inner man
He speaks, I’m clear, I know who I am
Over here … Over here …