Artist:   KCN Jamaica Youths
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Confluence Volume 1

[Verse 1]

God is forming me
He’s my true Identity
Made in His image and likeness
I’m a spirit, as ancient as He
I’m like a city set on a hill
So as light I will shine even brighter,
Bringing Glory to my Father, by
Doing His will. Oh


Transformation through Elevation!
In Christ we are a new Creation
Transformation through Elevation!
We READY!! Joshua Generation

[Verse 2]

Your voice it elevates me
Lifts me to my true reality
Just a little peep into Your Word
Change my character, mind, soul, personality
Taking responsibility,
Living God’s way, submitting to my leaders
Not depending on my strength nor ability
Moving up to a higher way of life.

[Verse 3]

Waging war, on wrong identities
Taking no patterns from earth’s reality
Pulling down from heaven God’s design for me
Making no apology of who I ought to be
Have no fear, I won’t shrink back
For the Sovereign Lord He is with me
I am a spirit, I am light,
Living temple of the Almighty