You Are The Ruler

Artist: Jubilee Reformation Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Confluence Volume 1


ገዢ ነህ አንተ ገዢ ነህ፣
ኃያል ነህ አንተ ኃያል ነህ፣
ቃልህን ስትልክ ይሆናል፣
ያሰብከውን ያደርጋል፡፡

የነበረች ሕይወት የሰው ብርሃን፣
በጨለማው ጉልበት ላይ እንድትገለጥ፣
በውስጤ አኖርሃት ዓለም እንዲሸነፍ፣
የልጅህ ማንነት በእኔ እንዲገጥ፡፡

የቃሉ እግዚአብሔር በዙፋን ያለህ
ያልከውን ልትፈጽም ስራህን ትሰራለህ
ዘገየህ አትባል በዚህ አትታማ
ፈቃድህን ስታደርግ ስትቆም በአላማህ

የትኛው ተራራ የትኛው ሸለቆ፣
አልታዘዝ ይላል ቃልህን ከላይ ሰምቶ፣
ፍጥረት ለትዛዝህ ምላሽን ይሰጣል፣
ድምጽህን ሲሰማ በፊትህ ይቆማል፡፡

የልቤ አምላክ የልቤ፣ ባንተ ደስ ይለኛል፣
ማዕበል ወጀብ ቢበዛ፣ ከቶ ምንያስፈራኛል፣
የፍጥረት ገዢ ነህ በሞት ጥላ ባልፍ
አንተ ከኔ ጋር ነህ ትመራኛለህ


You are the ruler, You are the ruler
You are Almighty, You are Almighty
The word that proceeded from Your mouth
It shall accomplish that which You intended to be

You put life inside me, to be a light for every man
To be revealed in power in the midst of deep darkness
You put life in me to conquer the world
And to be transformed into the image of Your Son

Our God, who sends Your word and sits on Your throne
You will watch to perform Your word
When You do Your will and stand for Your purpose
No one can argue and say, “You are too late”
You do things on Your own time

When You send Your word from above
All valleys and mountains will be forced to respond to You
All creatures hear and give response to Your declared voice They will stand before You and give response to You

The Lord of my soul; I rejoice in You
In the midst of crisis and trouble, I will not fear
Though I walk through the valley of death
You are a sovereign God
You are with me and lead me forever