Purpose Is Ruthless

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hard Boundaries

God is raising up a sent people with a freed mentality. With a different vision that can look upon the crisis and interpret it differently. And when you’re sent, you deal with God. Now that gives a church a great power and authority in their praying. Because they go straight for the jugular. It’s stronger than simply knowing what God wants to say. It’s stronger than simply knowing the mind of God. It’s stronger than simply saying thus says the Lord. This is thus do the Lord.

Verse 1
Whether you bless me or test me I trust that you bring out the best me
When I first considered this it distressed me
But like in Gethsemane where Jesus took Peter and the sons of Zebedee
He said, “If it’s your will, oh Lord, please take this cup from me”
But You chose to kill Your only Son; nail Him to a cross
Because Your purposes required it
You desired it. In the end He did too; we did too; He needed to
Because purpose is ruthless

My pursuit is fixed to the very last day
So I’m going to run hard through the pain and change
I align my life with the price He paid
To live is Christ and to die is gain
‘Cause His purpose is ruthless (ruthless)
God’s purpose is ruthless (ruthless) ‘
Cause His purpose is ruthless (ruthless)
So I’m going to hear and obey
And nevertheless I’m going to do what He say

Verse 2
He called us by name, saved us and made us His slave
A bond servant of Christ, we ordained for the Last Days
The Holy Spirit came, rearranged our DNA
Now it’s Apostolic Grace flowing through our veins
Purpose is ruthless and He led us that way (uh huh)
Never swayed by anything that pertained to selfish gain (nah)
Taught about the heart and the mandate to change
Heard His voice every day and obeyed for decades
We never cared about the money, don’t care about fame (nah)
Success or failure will never shift our gaze
Only care about that “Well Done” after the race (uh huh)
And fulfilling everything proclaimed in Prophetic Faith
His Will is our food and only that sustains
We about His business, we ain’t playing no games
From a small carport in the back of Tacarigua
To a global army full of mature believers!


When Jesus comes back, He’s going to commend us. He’s says, “Well Done my good and faithful servant.” Not well suggested, or well thought. Well done. He is looking at activity. He’s looking at the implementation of kingdom activity in the earth and the quality of the implementation of that activity. Well done. Bridge So we run till we get the well done He says “jump!”, “How high” the only question I’m asking, Lord make me match your passion to end this Bring Your purposes to a Finish Resolve never diminishing; speak Lord I’m listening Process me #chiseling; on my life #pivoting Overcoming resistance is my stance Deference to your preference Your purpose is ruthless


Every time you say the word Ruthless, that should always be balanced with the word compassionate somewhere. That Ruthless is not towards people; it’s towards the exactness of the work. And ah, You always have to balance the demand for exactness of the work with compassion in God and His attitude towards people. So there are certain things that have to balance themselves out all the time. So you can’t use this word without putting over here the balance into it.