Let Me Be Righteous

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Alignment

I heard you say to fear You. And so God I’m asking for the fear of God to be intensified inside of my heart. To be fearful of You; not to act without consideration of You; not to forget you when I make an action; to hear Your voice; to see Your presence; to be conscious of You of all times; to cause that to act as a restraint, a guardian, as a guide, as a hold upon my personal freedom – give me that sense of the fear of God. A terror within my spirit, not even in my emotions, God. A shaking in my spirit of transgressing against divine law, against that which You have spoken. Cause my inner man to quake. Cause my inner spirit to be sensitive and to be tender to the transgression of breaking Your divine law. So intensify in me the fear of the Lord. Put the fear of the Lord inside of us as we lift our hands, and as we say ‘yes’ to that, God, and we accept that and regard that and think upon that and look at that inside of our own hearts and our own minds.

God put within me – I hear Your word, the macro word to the Congress: pursue personal righteousness. Put within me that cry in my heart that makes my decisions strong, that gives me the wisdom to guide my life and to guide my house, to guide my relationships. Give me that commitment to personal righteousness! Not to break the standards. Not to negotiate with the ways of God but to be strong and to be clear, to be clear as water, to be as clear as crystal to understand what the will of God is in my life. Make me righteous – rightly aligned. Correctly positioned according to Your principles and Your law. Make me vertical in my application. Make me clear in the application of every divine principle that my mind knows and that my heart has seen. Let everything be applied in my life. Let there be not one area where You have spoken a divine principle into my life that I negotiate, hold back, hold back, be slow, procrastinate, bend it, undermine it in my life. Righteousness, God. Make that word so full of power, so full of attractiveness, so full of correctness, so full of the strength of the new era, so full of the definition of my advanced human-ness, so full of the maturity which I have tracked all this year.

Righteousness! Make me righteous in Your sight. For Your throne is established upon the foundation of righteousness. Your divine power is established on righteousness. Your anointing is rooting itself in my life upon the platform of righteousness. My authority against the darkness is established upon a platform of righteousness. My power to speak the word of God is established upon a platform of righteousness. My strength to live in the darkness burns because of this platform of righteousness. My power to guard my children from the darkness, to speak a word over my house is built upon my strength of righteousness. Righteousness, God. Righteousness like a pillar, like a plank, like a foundation, like a strength inside of my life. I embrace it and I receive it from the Word of God. I receive it from the Word of God. Righteousness! God, let it cause every sin to crumble. Cause every weakness to begin to dry up and die. Die, transgression! Die, O sin! Die, O disobedience! Die, O rebellion! Die, O self! Die; be crucified! Die! Die inside of my life. Die, O habits! Die! Die, O lusts! Die inside of my life. God, I declare my deliverance is my righteousness. Now walk with me and help me. Hold my hands. Hold my life. Hold my heart. Hold my strength. Walk me forward in righteousness.