My Ordained Place

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: The Thunder will Never Stop

Lift up your hands and just thank God for musing upon what God has done and looking, gazing around in the spirit. We are looking around and we are being thankful, and we are musing, and we are gazing forward. We have departed from the past, we have gone through the portal of no return. No return. We can’t go back to what we were, we can’t go back to our past perception, our past arrangement of life. It’s a beautiful day. Every time He moves it gets more lovely, every time He moves it gets more sacred. Every time He moves it gets more holy. You can feel the sacredness of the day, and the holiness of the time. It’s all around us, it’s unfolding us. As the fabric of time breaks down and the structures of eternity become closer and closer and closer…and we gaze towards God, but we hear the creaking and the fragmentation and the brokenness of the earth. There’s a lot of sorrow around us and a lot of pain around us, and we need the power of the Holy Spirit to keep us inside the Joy of The Lord. That’s not a human thing, that’s not my human persuasion or human emotion. We need the uplift and the strength of the Holy Spirit. Let’s stay in the place where God has lifted us to. God lifted us into a certain place in the spirit. That place is a constituted place of divine safety. Amen? He lifted us there, there’s a reason for it. He put us there. The resources and the capacity that we need to make it through the future are already encoded into that place. He lifted us to there.

And so we live in that place God we lift our hands up to You and we gaze around, and we are thankful for where we are. Thankful for where we are. We are looking around to the place, You lifted us to this place. You lifted our hearts, our minds, our perception to this place. And we are grateful to be here, joyful to be here. This is our place. This is our location. This is where we are ordained to be. This is where I’m supposed to be! I have a right to be here! Inside of Your heart and inside of Your mind, listening to Your voice, gazing around, making right choices filled with wisdom, walking in the power of a correct maturity, full of the Joy of The Lord, perceiving everything around me, seeing the darkness but also seeing the light. I have a right be here. This is my ordained place in God, and You have brought me here with my brothers and my sisters. Thank You for it. I thank You for it. Amen.