You Are Our Definer

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Alignment

So Father we just lift our hearts unto You in this season of maturity and time of development and growth. We considering ourselves, we are looking at the structure of our life, we are looking at the architecture of how we choose to live in these days, moving towards the end.

And we are gazing at the Word of God as our law, our precept. Your Word is our definer, Your Word is You. And Your Word is our definer, You are our master, You have the right to define my every response and I put boundaries upon myself that I willingly submit to; That my boundaries are the boundaries put upon me by the Word of God and I choose to live within the limitations of joy that are put upon me by the Word of God. For every word that comes from You is for my benefit, for my growth, it is for my peace, it is for my contentment, it is for my joy, it is for my wisdom. It is not designed to restrict me, or to limit me or to break me down, it is designed to mature me and to make me more like You.

So I embrace the restrictions and the limitations, the ‘guidances’ of the Word of God and Your boundaries, Your precepts have become my Law. Your Word has become my song in the night. That which You have said becomes my definer. And I celebrate that today as part of the maturity of my choice. I’m done with frivolity and I’m done with self will and I put aside preferences and I put aside the authority of what I want and I submit willingly and with joy to the will of God, my Creator and my Father, my Lord. And so Father, let that be real, activated in my life, in real things in the season in which I live. I bless You for that, Father, Amen.