We Lift You Up

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Endurance

When you lift Your hands you shift channels, from channel earth to channel Heaven. When you lift up your hands, you are expressing your dependence on the strength of God. When I lift my hands, I see my hope comes from above and it is anchored in the Holy of Holy’s. When I lift up my hands my Spirit rises upward, and everything becomes strengthened and focused and strong. All my weaknesses begin to fall away, and the anointing power of the Holt Spirit comes and fortifies me and strengthens me. For He is my comforter, He is my direction, He is my strength, He is my enabler, He is my master; He is my guide even unto the death.

I lift up my hands to You like my Fathers did, from ancient times past. Like the patriarchs did, walking in the earth, looking to the future, living in hope, believing God for an end to their torment and suffering. They lifted their hands in faith and walked through their eras and proclaimed the words of God. Like the prophets did, impaired to speak in the midst of the darkness, attacked and persecuted, and yet preserving. Could not be broken and would not be stopped. Lifted up their voices and rejoicing the name of God in the midst of dark generations, the points of blazing light in the midst of the darkness. We lift our hands to honour the faith of our prophets and the power of the Word of God arriving in the earth! Generation after generation after generation! The Word of God arriving and arriving and arriving and arriving.

We lift our hands to celebrate Your faithfulness. A God who never stops and never ceases. A God who cares and a God who walks with us through the darkness and through the fire. Through the eras of disbelief, a God who keeps our Spirit alive. And never quits. We lift our hands to You! In these days, near until the end of time! These days of triumph and maturity, these days of strength and completeness, these days of knowledge, cancelling out our years of ignorance. These days of the breaking of the seals of God, these days of a focus of a generation moving right up unto the Finish. In these times of the Finish, in these times of completion, in these times when its near to the end. We lift our hands in triumph! And in worship unto You. You are worthy to receive our praise! We exalt You and magnify You. We lift You up and we give You all of the glory! You are worthy to receive our praise. Hallelujah!  We lift You up and exalt You!