Forever Grateful

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Exactness

It’s a time to be righteous, joyfully righteous, joyfully correct. It’s a day of identity and strength and joy when the hand of God is coming upon us in great measure, Amen. And the grace from God is cascading like a river into your hearts. It’s the day for which we have been prepared. It’s the day when God will hear our voices… I want everybody to be in joy. The kingdom of God is joy and love and peace, strengthening you in the Holy Spirit. The kingdom of God is joy. Shall we go forward. So lift up your holy hands up unto Him, and we just offer unto Him. We have come here to exalt You and recognize You. We have come to reverence You and to tell You that our eyes are opened; our hearts are opened, and we are gazing directly forward and that we are locked on unto You, our God, our Creator, our Lord, our Master. You are our Father, our Progenitor, our Creator, our Maker, we bless You, we bless You. We come to lift You up together and to hallow Your name in the midst of us. May Your name be recognized. May all men know that You are our God, our Leader, right unto the end. Thank You, for all that You have done. Thank You for everything that You have done for us. We are grateful. We are grateful. Our hearts are full of joy.