Guarding the Treasure

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Exactness

How many people appreciate the Apostolic Grace? It’s our treasure. It’s what we guard, with everything that we have. Amen? Better than money, way beyond rubies. Let’s lift our hands and commit ourselves to protect it, to guard it by the integrity of our lives. You guard that treasure by walking righteously. You guard that treasure wives by loving your husbands and your children. You guard that treasure husbands by being constant and strong and wise and gentle; guarding your homes and your relationships and your covenant. You guard that treasure young people by offering yourselves in obedience to your parents, by the integrity of your lives and by seeking to understand the God of your parents that brought you into the earth. We guard that treasure by our friendships, our relationships. We guard that treasure by our service and by how we love and link with each other.

Father we guard the treasure in our lives. The treasure is not just the treasure of my life, it’s the treasure of us all; the treasure of our community. The thing that shines brighter than anything we have is the grace that came from God. You dispensed it. You designed it, for Christ himself put that grace together, sent it into the earth, to equip His people for works of service, that the whole Body of Christ might be built up. So Father strengthen our church and strengthen our lives, strengthen our relationships. Give us wisdom, capacity, ability and strength to guard the grace of God as we move towards an expansive future, as we prepare ourselves for what is to come, as we are walking into the power of a new season and a new day, as the realm of God has opened up above us and we are gazing into the architecture of Your spiritual reality. Help us to guard the treasure that came down from heaven, it came directly from You and we look back through that grace, we look back through its structure and we see the beauty of a God, of a Savior, a Redeemer, a Lord beyond compare and we admire You. And as we gaze at You, we are being transformed into that same image from glory to glory by the power of the Spirit of God.