Moving Forward to the End of Time

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Exactness

We carry forward with us the valuable things. We carry forward with us the speaking of God. We carry forward the impartation. We carry forward the volume of the divine resource, that has come into our hearts, and spirits, that have made us internally rich, heavy and wealthy with the things of the spirit, we take that forward. But we leave behind the old competence,
we leave behind the old understanding and we are seeking and stepping forward into new avenues of wisdom and strength and power and community and knowledge, as we move forward, stepping always upward, deeper, further into the heart and mind of God. Always deeper into your mind, deeper into fellowship and communion with You. And we are declaring by faith, building and growth and capacity and competence and taking care of things and presenting unto God that which is radiant and stain free and beautiful. Even as the ugliness of darkness collapses all around us, encase us with the beauty of holiness, with the beauty of righteous things, with the beauty of the mind and the heart of God, with the beauty of community and fellowship and relationship and faith, with the beauty of assurance and of a life well lived as we walk forward towards the end of time.

We lift our eyes and we gaze toward You and we focus our eyes toward You. Our eye God will be single. For if our eye is single, then the whole body is filled with light. And so we bless You. We commit ourselves to You. We commit ourselves to our brethren and to those that are right around us in our communities. We pray the peace of God, the power of God, the direction of God, the wisdom of God falling upon our kingdom communities. We break the power of the evil one and we rise up as one man to walk with God into a great future, into this great unfolding future. Father we bless You and we honor You. We lift up our hearts unto You. We worship You. We magnify You. We give You all the glory and all the praise on this great journey in which You are leading us, leading us right unto the end of time and we bless you, Amen.