Spoils of War (Bonus Track)

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Exactness

We’re reaping the spoils of the war. In every battle when people went out, they fought but afterwards they gathered the spoils. The spoils of the war are the miracles of our healing. The spoils of the war is the acceleration of our personal transition and change. Spoils of war. Leaving off ancient hurts and “messed up-ness” and memories and stuff that is inconsequential that is in our lives and taking up a position that God does not want it to occupy.

The spoils of war brings us maturity and hope, brings us faith, brings us new proclamation and investment of new strength coming from the Holy Spirit into our hearts and lives. It gives us the boldness to step away from emplaced things in our life that the enemy has imprisoned us and said you shall never depart from this. Spoils of war! We break the locks! We step free! We step into a new day of freedom and a new day of definition, of identity, a new day of proclamation and power and gentleness.

Spoils of war! Greater intelligence, greater authority. Spoils of war! Infirmity that comes upon our body that we say, go! Be healed! Let the miracle take place inside of our lives. Spoils of war! Spoils of war. Death looming on the horizon, we push death back. We claim life and abundant life in the name of Jesus. Spoils of war in gentleness and Christ characteristics. In joy where there was sorrow, in safety where there was danger. Power to walk into the future where there was intimidation and lack of hope, we arise and we take up the spoils of the war!

Spoils of war! Power to pray and knowledge that God is hearing my voice. Able to walk vertically and with strength through my life. Spoils of war! The blessing upon our children in the name of Jesus. Every second, every day in their schools and among their friends. No harm! No breakage! No damage upon our little ones. We claim that as spoils of war!

Houses filled with peace. Prosperity and breakthroughs and miracles flowing in from heaven on every side. We loose the miraculous power of God into the midst of us in the name of Jesus. Subdue our enemies, smite them by their cheekbone. Lift us up in the midst of Babylon. We claim it in the name of Jesus. Spoils of war!

We lift up our hands and we bless the name of our living God. Hallelujah! We worship you. We exalt you! We magnify you! You are worthy to receive our praise. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord.