The Day of the Lord

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Exactness

So Father give us eyes to see and ears to hear, for You said that both of these things are gifts from God. ‘Eyes that can see and ears that can hear’ both of them are gifts from God. And we ask for eyes that can see. Let there be a bursting open of sight. Let there be a radical spirit birth sense of sight arriving in every heart; in every heart, in every life. And ears that can hear; awakening, an awareness bursting into every life that changes how we act and how we make choices. Let there be an awareness and an awakening taking place in every heart, we ask for that and we receive it as a gift that’s coming down from God. Let that enter into the hearts of my children. Let it be a day of awakening in the hearts of my children. Let them know a sacred time has arrived. A sacred day has come. This day is holy to the Lord, a sacred day has arrived at our doors. A day of God’s proximity. A day of awareness in the midst of the brokenness has arrived, it has surely come. This day is holy. Do not weep for the joy of the Lord has become your strength. And so Father make these things real in our hearts and lives as we move forward.

Hallelujah, oh thank You God. We lift You up and glorify You, we magnify Your name. You are worthy to receive all of our praise. You are opening our eyes, You are illuminating our hearts and minds, You are showing us the mind God and the heart of God and the intent of God, You are preparing us for the long walk of eternity. You are preparing us for proximity and being with your forever and ever and ever and our hearts are lifted in rejoicing. Our hearts are rejoicing to know that here we are, God is close. We are understanding Him, there is a better way. You said I will build my church and the gates of hell should not prevail against it. Thank You for causing the gates of hell not to prevail against us. Thank you for building. Continue to build, continue to build O God. Continue to stretch Your hands into our families, into our lives, into our friendships, into our households. Continue to reach deeply into the structures of our life even more.

Put Your hands on the lives of our young people, our young children as they think about the future. Put Your mighty hands down inside of them. Make them faster, smarter, accelerated, more powerful than their peers. Make them a generation of renown, a generation of anointing and strength in the midst of the earth, we claim that in the name of Jesus; for our children, our sons, our daughters.

Let the anointing of God percolate into their minds and their souls, into their hearts, into their psychology, into their identity, let them know that they come from royalty. They are of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. That they walk in strength and capacity, power in the midst of the earth. O God remind them of who they are continuously, day after day. Day by day by day by day by day, by day! As we walk deeper into the darkness, let there be an uplifting arising for surely our time has come, our day has arrived. The day of the Lord is upon us.