Things Change When God Moves

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Exactness

Things change when God moves. The Bible says, “I do a new thing do you not perceive it?” You have to perceive it because you have to look into it, to gaze into it through a process, to enable us to gaze at and see and discover who is the nature of this God, so that we can define Him, describe Him, we can walk with Him. Something has changed and I want that change to be arriving in your hearts, in your life, in your mentality. It has to arrive on the inside before it gets to the outside. Cause your outside, your choices, your behaviors, your words are the result of an inner shift. The kingdom of God does not come by external observation. The kingdom of God is within you – inside of you. And when the kingdom of God or the shapes of God’s preferences arrive inside of you then it changes the outward manifestations of your mortal behaviors – your attitudes, your choices, your words, your postures, what you like what you don’t like, what is your preferences, who you value, who you don’t value, and you want to be tracking that because in this season, every single one of us is going through an alignment and God is coming down to tell you exactly, what you need to be to be relevant to Him in this time. Amen?