Give Us Life From Above

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Intimacy

You are at the center of our hearts, saints. We think about you, we pray about you, our whole life is arranged to bring Christ to you and I want you to be so assured and so impacted by that, and so stabilized by that, that as darkness falls upon the earth and brokenness is all around us, yet inside the Kingdom of God, it’s the beginning of an even more beautiful day.

So Father we bring these things into the hearts of the saints. May the Spirit of God go into the hearts of the saints and create the space, that these words that I’ve spoken fall, like the way manna fell from heaven, upon the early people in the days of Moses. Let life from above fall into the hearts of the saints. That without effort they go out and collect it and it brings life to them, it brings nurturing to them, it brings uplift to them, it brings victory in their battles, it brings joy in the midst of the harshness of the earth, it surrounds them, it anoints them, it makes the saints full of service and full of light. We are believing you for a vast miracle. A miracle of civilizational building, a miracle of synchronization and oneness our Father, a miracle of life flowing from above so real, so actual, that even the least of the saints will know, know this is a supernatural place that we have been brought to by God. And so Father we declare these things and we cause them to be so and we thank You for Your faithfulness. We promise to follow You every step of the way and we thank You for Your goodness to us in the name of Jesus, Amen.