Make Us More Like You

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Intimacy

I want the saints praying. I want every single believer understanding that your personal prayer, your standing; you have to take the responsibility to birth these other worldly things so that we can receive what God is saying into the future. Receive the miracles, receive the life, receive the power as the earth falls apart, as things break. Receive life falling from God, receive freedom in the midst of oppression, so that we can go further forward in God towards the end of time, Amen?

God, send Your HolySpirit, Father stretch down Your hand, release a divine command, O Son above, O Captain of our salvation, Lord of our journey, stretch down Your mighty hand. Give us the strength, give us the power, give us the wisdom, give us the miraculous; the miraculous movement of the Spirit of God.

Do something different. God empower us, enable us. Touch the heart of every saint. Put within the heart of every believer a sense of supernatural responsibility and a sense that their time has come and that their personal prayers are vital and important to sustain and built the things of God that we want to build into the future.

Oh make us more like Christ, make us more like You in our global structures, make us more like You in our marriages, make us more like You in our homes, make us more like You in the uniqueness of our individual lives, make us as we walk to the future, make us more like you. And we ask these things with joy Father in the name of Jesus, all together as one people. Amen.