Through the Crisis to the Exit

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Intimacy

Thank you. Thank you for our journey. Thank you thank you for being with us. We’re trusting You more and more and more. Trusting Your intelligence and Your guidance. Trusting the supreme intelligence of the Upper Realm. Nothing moves in the Earth that You don’t know. You know where every Israelite was living in the land of Goshen. And You are so careful when judgement was coming You marked out a space. You’re so organized, You’re so clear, You’re so careful. Those You judge; these You save. You were thinking about them even in the massiveness of dismantling an empire. You were thinking about Your people and where they were living, where they were living. And we thank you for those insights. We thank you for the Word of God showing us what You are like. That allows us to say today; ‘Surely the Lord knows my house, and the Lord knows my heart, and the Lord knows my faith, and the Lord knows where I am, and His beneficial arm of blessing is extended out towards me’. So here we offer You our contentment, that You are our God. Our joy of salvation. Our great thankfulness that we have walked with You, that You brought us into this. Allow us to repay You by making us more like Christ. Make me more like Christ. Touch my heart, touch my life, touch my nature, touch my mind, touch my emotions, touch my decisions. Make me more like Christ. More like Him; more love, more peace, more faith, more purity, more commitment to righteousness. Make me more like Christ in the midst of the darkness of this day. I pray for my brother sitting next to me and my sister sitting next to me. I pray for the grace of God resting upon them. I pray for the hand of God being upon them. God let no sickness or hard things come near our dwellings. Touch our sisters and our brothers and keep us alive through the power of the Holy Spirit, as we walk right to You, to the day of ultimate joy, through the crisis to the exit. Through the crisis, to the exit. Through the crisis with full and mature faith right to the end of the journey. God make my faith mature. I ordained this a day of maturity, of development. A day of growth for me, a day of development for me, a day of purity for me, a day of sacredness in my life, a day of the sound of the Lord and the sound of worship flowing inside of my heart. Through the crisis to the end of the journey. We bless you today. Amen.