Joy and Maturity

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Joy

Maturity is full of complexity. Amen?

In the midst of the darkness – joy in God is always filled with sorrow for the destruction that is here. Amen? And as mature believers you have to be complex; these are days of depth. Amen?

To move towards the end of time is to hear the sound of wails and cries coming out of every house in Egypt; that is the sound of your exit. Amen? To celebrate your salvation is to see a Savior bleeding on the cross. The human spirit was designed for that.

Yes, we go forward with great joy. Uplift. Amen? With joy in the Spirit for the kingdom of God is joy. And yet we celebrate the power of joint and community life; friendships and marriages and covenant and family; the things that are truly precious that keep us alive and strong.

But the same time, we gaze out on a world that is being broken, filled with human ignorance and sin and foolishness. Amen? And in the midst of that we find the nature of God.

It’s a beautiful thing.