Our Season of Certainty

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Joy

Jesus died on the cross so we could live. Amen, not just get saved, live. He died on the cross so we could live and live triumphantly in the midst of the darkness. The darkness is an opportunity for us to define triumphant life. The darker it gets the more imperative our life becomes. The more we declare the age of the correctness of the kingdom of God, Amen.

The more things fall apart the stronger get, the stronger we get. This is our time of strength. Amen, and if you could feel in the spirit realm, it’s pouring down like rain! All you have to do is reach up and receive it. Amen.

You all put your hands up and receive the anointing and the grace of God. It’s pouring down from heaven like rain. It’s falling upon all of us. It’s falling upon your households; falling into the hearts of men and women. It’s falling on unprecedented measures, it’s a time like we have never had before.

It is a day of strength and anyone who wants to rise up and stand strong in God like a pillar in the earth, this is your opportunity, like it has never happened before. All systems agreeing, all lights are saying, “Go!” And we declare in this season a day of joy, a time of strength, a time of clarity, a time of conviction, a day of faith, a day of precision. It is our day of certainty! We declare it to be our season of certainty, and put that certainty in the heart of every man, woman, child, young person all across the earth as we lift our hands and we receive the certainty, the assurance; the affirmation and the absolute finality of the things of God in our hearts in the name of Jesus.

So we bless You today and we magnify Your name. We offer ourselves in the day of Your power and we celebrate Your strength in the name of Jesus, Amen. Amen. Amen.