Find Pleasure in Our Offering

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Offering

May the Lord hear and look upon our offerings and our efforts and our process. May He gaze down and listen to our words. Listen to the words we speak vocally, listen to the cries that come up from our hearts. Listen to the communication that takes place between our spirits, as we come into agreement. The unspoken communication that flows, from heart to heart, from spirit to spirit.

Gaze upon our reverence, as we ascend and ascend and ascend unto You. Oh God, look upon these things and let Your heart be stirred into beauty and pleasure. Look, look upon us! Look upon our offerings. Listen to our prayers.

Gaze down upon a final generation, declare it to be so. Speak the word, make the decision. Speak the word that will set us free. Speak the word that our hearts long to hear! Oh the Spirit and the bride say, “come!”. Let Your marriage be proclaimed, for Your bride is making herself ready. We are dressing ourselves with care and with sacredness. We are beautifying our aspect just for You, Bridegroom of our hearts, just for You. Father of our future, just for You, we dress ourselves. We make ourselves beautiful in Your sight. Come down and claim us as Your own. Bring us into the covenant of eternal joining. Take us up to be with You.

Our hearts long for You. Our souls groan towards Your dwelling place. Our eyes are fastened upon Your beauty and we shall never gaze away. We are fixed, we are finalised, we are lifting up our eyes. Our journey leads us directly into the chambers of Your love. Our Father of light, bring us home. Take us home to be with You, forever, and ever and ever.