I Choose Your Will

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Offering

Now Father we know Your will may guide us into places that are a little bit, hard. May lead us into places that might be a little bit rocky or dangerous. May lead us into places that are absolutely full of blessing and comfort, but we don’t care. We don’t judge Your will by the nature of the eventualities. We will do Your will; cause when it’s all is all done and over and when we see the full parameters of everything that has moved around us, we guarantee to know that we shall be saying, “Thank You, thank You.” Your way was always full of light. Your way was always better than mine. Your way was better than mine. We make a choice. I submit my will to you each and every day. I am thinking about these things and I am making fresh decisions and I am coming to clarity and determination about these things.

I choose Your will above my will. I choose to make my life an offering unto You. I choose to allow pure incense and sweet fragrance to arise from my life unto You. I choose that. I make that choice to allow free incense and fragrance. I choose to open the temple doors of my heart and I choose to bring You my best intentions and my best motives and my best desires and my best obedience and my best submission and offer those upon the altar that incense from my life arises before You that You will be pleased and accept it, and You will say, It pleases Me,” because it is everyday determination to walk in the will of God. I am building this consciously in the last days of time upon the earth. These are the things that I am building. These are the things I’m focusing on. These are the things that are forefront in my mind. I am different from the Babylonians. For they think about themselves, they think about what they can get. They think about driving to the top, but I am thinking about the quality of incense rising in the other realm. I am thinking about You being pleased and accepting. I am thinking about opening the doors of the inner temple that You said should be shut. These are the things that I am dealing with that makes me different; that makes me a child of God, a kingdom person, acceptable in your sight at this time of life and so Father, we offer these things unto you today.