Sweet Incense

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Offering

When the wanting of the earth and the desires of God come into synch, beautiful things must happen. You all lift up your hands and just say to God, I want my life to come up unto You
I want my family, my children; that means you want your household to be filled with the purity of God. You want God to come down and walk in your living room and walk in the hearts of your children; come down and sit down in your conversations; come down and take abode in the motivations of your heart. You want God to come down in the midst of what you are and say, “Yes! This is what I wanted.” There must go up a sweet incense, Amen, a sweet incense. It’s our relationships, our friendships, our commitment; what we offer willingly unto God – a holy church, a sacred place, a righteous company, a beautiful people. A people who have submitted their will unto the will of God and who have walked with Him to this point and who are filled with joy at what God has done in the midst of them. For we have gazed upon Him, we have seen His works. We looked upon his heart and we rejoice. We rejoice.

He is our Father. He is our Redeemer. He is our Lord. He is our God. He is our Guide, He is our Defender, He’s our beautiful One, that we long to be with forever and ever and ever and we’ll never be content, we will not be satisfied until He brings us back home into His house; until we come home to our Father’s house. We’ll not be satisfied. We will rejoice , we will be obedient, but we will not be satisfied until He brings us home, right into His presence and right into His house and we offer that unto Him today. We offer Him our longing. We offer Him our desire. We offer Him our worship. We offer Him the sound of our groaning in the earth. Bring us home to You. Our life is a holy offering unto the Lord, Amen.