Thank You For Salvation

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Offering

So lift your hands up to Him and tell Him thank you for this amazing salvation that we have received, undeserved purchase for us, by the full price, which He paid. And we honor You Father by our obedience, our joy, our commitment to community, our determination to walk according to Your principles and Your ways. Our minds are always full of the price that you paid. We never forget it. We never forget that You went to the Cross just for us and I lift my hands in gratitude, thankfulness unto You.

Thank you for my brother, thank you for my sister, thank you for my community and for connection and life and love in the midst of the darkness of the day. Thank You God for the value you have brought me to, for the journey which You led me, that today when everything is falling apart and everything is broken, everywhere I look inside of the kingdom of God, there is strength and authority and there is life and there is a flow of the grace of God. I am grateful. Thank You. I bless You. I lift You up and magnify You. You alone are worthy to receive my praise, we worship You God, we bless Your holy name.