Christ Alone, Our Foundation

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Salvation

So Father we ask you through your Holy Spirit because You said, “The Spirit of God, You will send Him to guide us and to remind us”. And so, we focus on those words, “guide”, “remind”,  “teach” – “guide, remind and teach”. The Spirit of God, coming from another dimension, higher than us, comes to guide us in this mortality, this evolution of life to remind us of what You have said, to bring to us the energy of Your speaking, the creative power locked inside of Your word that renews, and builds and forms and transforms us as we walk along the way, the pathway of mortality towards the end of time. As we make our way and migrate through the structure of my allocated human life, towards my latter days of unmitigated maturity, strength and understanding in God, He comes to teach us.

So Father make my mind open and my heart humble, my heart given to receiving instruction that comes from above. Break all the structures in me that resist, all residual ramparts of pride; pride, elements of personal success and elements of rejoicing in my own capacities and brilliance, break them down. Break down the remaining walls; ramparts, fortresses, built inside of me through years of experience and things entering into my ear gate from people talking nonsense, built in me through genetics over which I had no control, filtering through my soul and my psychology. Memories, energy, frequency sent down through my fore-bearers and the ancients that went ahead of me, break those things down. Cause me to stand upon the simplicity of one single platform which is Christ. Teach me the simplicity that lies at the structure, underneath the structure of maturity, the simplicity that lies under complexity. Lead me by Your Holy Spirit to stand firmly upon the foundation of Christ and Christ alone.