Cause Me to Exist

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Stewardship

Father we take ownership right now out of our spirit we birth things, relationship with the Holy Ghost   We take ownership of that which is to come. We invest ourselves in the will of God.  We pour ourselves into the formation of new divine things. We pour ourselves into the formation of new divine things.  We pour our heart, we pour our faith, we pour our expectancy, our utterance, our declarations, our will, our intent, the energy of our innermost beings, we pour it into the formation of divine things. 


Let this be our focus, take a grip upon my heart. Let it not leave me for one instant, for one second, for one moment of the days and nights and weeks to come.  


Cause me to exist continuously without letup without breakage, without removing myself inside of the unfolding purposes and inside of the will of God.  Make it my life and my being, my very existence and the core of who I am.  Send Your breath and the sound of Your frequency to the innermost parts of my whole soul. 


Cause me like Enoch to walk with God, cause me to walk with You.  To build with You, to create with You, to speak for You, to declare Your words and to hear Your voice.  To cause things to birth and to come to pass, that is according to Your eternal purpose and Your eternal will.  I declare them to be, I declare them captured, perceived, apprehended and known in my heart Oh God, now give me the strength to walk through time and circumstance until I arrive at the place where You are.  Give me the strength, remind me, teach me, tutor me and strengthen me.  Make me Your tool, make me Your servant, make me part of Your divine will as it expresses itself here upon the earth.  Thank You Jesus.