Lift Up Our Hearts

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Stewardship

So, Father we lift up our hands to You today. For each and every individual life, for every family, for every friendship, every person individually, every marriage, joined together, man, wife and his children. for all our relationships on various levels, that are constituted by the Spirit of God. Different levels of relationships. For He did not create us to be alone. He did not create us to be separated, isolated. You created us to be connected, to be inside the matrix of community and relationships.


Lift our holy hands up unto Him. To lift up my hands unto You to represent my actions, my outward actions, my determinations. I lift up my heart unto You, my heart unto You. My inward motivations, my emotions, my desires. I lift up my hands, the structure of my life, the practical decisions that I have to take, the things that I have to do, the movements that are required in chronology and in time and in actuality, to manifest and live out the spiritual reality of God. I lift up my holy hands unto You oh God. I lift up my hands, I lift up my heart. The inward dimensions of my life, my hopes, my desires, my commitments, my internal vows, that are such an important part of my human structure. My internal vows that I make in my heart before God, that I declare before God and walk in before God every day of my life, year after year with joy.


Lift up our hearts. Make us a holy people, a relevant people. Inside of every life, purify our marriages, our friendships. Purify our individual lives, that we might walk in righteousness, and purity and sanctity before You, as the darkness increases outside the walls of the fortress of the Kingdom of God. Inside the Kingdom, inside the walls of Your righteousness, let it be a beautiful day. A day of light and joy and contentment and peace in the name of Jesus.