Lift Us Up – GOOD

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Stewardship

God we grab that starting moment and put that into every heart. Whatever that starting moment means in every heart and every mind. Massive diversity of perception and capture, different matrix of circumstances, different events, and different design of the future flowing downward from You to each and every one.  And for everyone that starting point is different; unique. The configuration of desire in each person, each man, every woman – different. Only You can look into the multitude of hearts and scan the reality, the relevant reality of each and everyone. But God what You can do is put in every heart the accurate, sharp perception and capture of an individual starting point in the purposes of God that comes with freshness and renewal and a new burst of resolve and a new charge of faith, a new voltage of encouragement coming from God from the Spirit Realm. And I ask You in the name of Jesus to do that in the heart of every single brother and every single sister. Let every heart rise up in a new energy of hope. Put a new energy of hope upon each heart for hope; hope will not make us ashamed You said. Hope will not make us ashamed. And our hope is anchored in sacredness in the Holy of Holies. Our hope is anchored where You are. Our hope is nailed down and anchored in Your very presence. So put that impartation of hope into every hope that we might rise up and look to the future and feel that sense of empowerment that allows us to go out and do the work of God. With no going backward, we rise up was one company, indivisible, seamless, strong and powerful do the work of God. Strengthen us and write upon us all over again. Write upon us all over again. Renew us unto the labour and onto the work. Put Your hand down inside of our hearts and lift us up. Lift us up! Lift us up to the great mission. Lift us up to the great work. Lift us up into the drama of walking close to God. For this is where I design my humanness. This is where life becomes full of glory – walking close to the mission of God, listening to the sound of His voice, hearing the echo of my brother’s faith, accomplishing great things that please the heart of our Master and our Lord. So Father, write upon us all over again. And so we start all over again. Hallelujah! It is a beautiful day in the kingdom of God.