Make Us Good Stewards

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Stewardship

What do we manage as stewards of God? We manage the life that is given to us by God. We manage that life by good thoughts, by good decisions, and by great choices. We manage the life that has been given to us by God. Your life does not belong to you. It belongs to the Master, it was given to you. And we have to manage the conduct of that life according to the Master’s will.

We manage our relationships and our family lives by creating order, good systems, and adhering to strong biblical values. So not only do we manage the individual life in our own individual selves given to us by God in our thoughts, in our decisions, in our choices and how we perceive ourselves. But we also manage our relationships. All relationships. And we manage our families and our family life.

As good stewards we manage our wider community interactions. That’s also very important. We are not alone. We were set in families. We were set into community. We were brought into a new civilization. We were translated into the Kingdom of God. And so we maintain and manage our wider community interactions very consciously. And we manage that by considered faithfulness and human activity that lines up deliberately with the Word of God. We have to manage our community interactions. To do it well. To do it consciously as a good steward of God.

We have to manage our involvement in the wider purposes of the Lord; a civilizational purpose that’s been given to us by God. And we manage our involvement in the purpose of the Lord given to us by obedience, by faith, by strong participation and by commitment.

And in exercising our stewardship there is growth of character through understanding and cooperating with the will of God. In exercising our stewardship, we are learning to strongly exercise ourselves in spiritual virtues, so important in the broken world we are in right now. Learning to exercise ourselves in spiritual virtues, and our eyes are locked on the higher standards of the Heavens, and not on the lower standards of the earth.

Well Father, we thank You for talking to us and for putting upon our hearts Your voice and Your emphases and what You want and what You desire. Help us to be good stewards in whatever sphere of activity; managing our lives, managing relationships and family, managing our community interactions. Managing our involvement in the civilizational purposes. Make us good stewards of Your work, of Your will, of what You want us to do. Put that heart of stewardship upon us and teach us how to sit and listen as You come alive in these days, as You tell us what you want, as You guide us in your purposes, as You share with us what is Your desire in our individual lives through the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord. Thank You Lord.