Thank God for His Servants

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Stewardship

You all lift up your hands to God, and thank Him for the things that He celebrates when He talks to us right to the end of time. You have done well. You have been my good and faithful servant.  Not you have been my spectacular personality. You have been my good and faithful servant. And we thank God for good and faithful servants. Servants who are good, servants who are faithful, servants who do well; servants who are good and faithful and who do well. That is the life of God. Not spectacular anointings and personalities and clever words. Servants who do well. We thank God for servants. The best of the earth, the nobles of the earth. Kings of the planet. Unknown servants who are given the right to touch the Grace of God. Who reach out in the invisible realm and grab hold of the Grace of God and move nations and systems and resources and move the impossible into possibility. That is the currency that they use.  And they have been given the right to touch and use the Grace that comes from God. And Father we lift up our hands and we, we receive that, we touch that, we see that today. And elevate us by your Spirit into a higher level of awareness, and concept, so that in all our lives, wherever we are at, it affects us.