We are Dust

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Stewardship

Father, we lift up our hearts, we remind ourselves that we are dust. We divest ourselves of past success. New frequencies are falling from heaven, You have shifted the requirements of Your divine mind, Your emphases, You have changed Your pace. You have brought things to the fore that were not important before. You have put things that were significant away, You [are] shifting, You [are] changing. There is divine movement taking place. We can feel it in the earth. We can feel it in a new sense of sacredness. We can feel it in a new thrusting of worship. We can feel it in a cry from heaven, coming into our hearts.

And so we put aside from us the old, we want it no more! And we say to You today we are dust! Let miracles flow, new connections for resources, new capacities for things flowing from heaven. New ideas cascading in. New skill, new speed of creativity inside the hearts of everybody. New energy levels that allow us to do things that would have stressed us out before. We want to be birthed again into new shapes of the Kingdom. We know that we are dust!

I pray for my brother’s life. For his mission, his heart, his understanding. I pray for my sister, for light breaking into her darkness. I pray for a leaping upward and a leaping forward of new resolve, of new faith, of new understanding, of a new sense of mission. Break into my brother’s heart. I pray for my brother, my sister right now. Make my brother, my sister, like built upon a rock. Make my brother a wise man. Make my sister a wise woman. Take away from them frivolity and distraction, wrong emphases, pollutions, toxins, contaminants, still residual from the last time. Wash my sister, my brother and make them ready for walking into a new season of relevance before God, in the name of Jesus. Amen.