We Can Please God Entirely

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Stewardship

Enoch walked entirely in his own sphere, untouched by the imperatives around him. The imperatives around him says you have to behave in a certain way, live in a certain way. He said, No! He walked in his own sphere. He was an anomaly. He was a deviation from the common rule, from the type, the arrangement or the form; that is what an anomaly is. He was just different, absolutely different. He did not please the earth, he pleased God. He had a dimensional life. He was living in the Earth, but he pleased a dimension which his eyes did not see. He lived in the Earth. He was right here, having breakfast, walking around and lived according to another dimension. That was Enoch. He created his own patterns in the earth that were overseen by God. God saw him and took him. God can see your patterns. He can see your shapes. He can hear your voice. He can see your pursuit. He can see your trajectory. He can observe the architecture of you. He will hear your passion. Heaven can see that. You have to be visible. He knows what is your cause. He can observe your sense of mission. And he saw that in Enoch. He saw that in Enoch and He came down and took him. That’s a mature man right there. He created his own patterns in the Earth that were overseen by God. He had a different kind of faith from everybody else. The Bible says, by faith he was taken away. The implication is that it was not just an Enoch thing, anybody could have walked in that dimension. He had a different kind of faith from everybody else. Amen. Just a different frequency in his life from that which was around him. He walked fully in his times because the Bible says he had sons and daughters. That means he engaged with life, but yet he fully gratified God. But he gratified God entirely. He had sons and daughters, a family, a wife, responsibilities, issues he had to deal with, concerns about his children and yet he gratified God entirely. It is possible; gratified God entirely. He had this testimony in heaven. This man is pleasing me. I want to put that inside of your hearts whether you are a young person, an old person, whether you are one of our young people, you can please Him entirely.