We Offer You Oneness – GOOD

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Stewardship

Father we thank You for our journey. We will always remember how You brought this up before You. We will remember how we climbed the mountain and how the grace of God fell from heaven and the hearts of the Saints were filled with joy and You crossed us over into a new territory and there before us were the lights, the shine of an eternity, an immortality and we felt that proximity, that sense of Your divine presence which to this moment has not departed, has not left us and we shall walk inside this enshrouding of the Holy Spirit right until the end of time. And we thank You for the instructions given in the word of God. We thank You for the lives of those who are now part of the cloud of witnesses, who made discoveries which they could not understand but which are now exploding from the Word of God into our lives – clear directions and instructions that equip us to walk effectively towards You and towards the end of time. Thank You for your goodness and for Your care for us. Now God we lift our eyes towards You and we lift our hearts towards You, to come towards You with greater determination, greater maturity, greater strength, offering You oneness, walking in unity and harmonization and walking together as one man into the glorious things of God. We give You all our praise and we give You all our glory. Thank You God. Let Your peace fall upon the saints all across the earth. Let every family, every man, every woman and every child be touched by God in a fresh new way and let these be the most joyful, most unified, most wonderful days of our life here on earth as we gaze towards You. We thank You in Jesus’ name. Amen.