Be Our Strength

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Strength

Father empower our structures, and activate a movement, an upsurge, an uplift of the spirit in every single heart. Cause the grace of God to flow down into our kingdom communities. Strengthen those who are humble and those who are called by God, to rise up and do the things of God in the midst of the earth. Send a unique movement in this season in which we live. Let there be an eruption from heaven in the Spirit of God. Touch and bless and encourage and lift up all those ordained by God to walk in the purity and righteousness of the mission of the faith that comes from Christ. We thank you for it.

God amplify our work, come extend our hands, be our voice, be our wisdom, be our strength for we have no strength in Your presence, no strength, we have no strength. You be our strength, You be our wisdom, You be our guide, for only the grace that comes from God knows the way. Put our feet upon the right path, tell us the right way to go, teach us the right direction, school us and tutor us along with way, come speak to the humility of our hearts. Give us the words that we need to speak, the thoughts that we need to think, the decisions we need to execute, give us the decisions, the power that we need to use. Come down and glorify Yourself. These are our petitions, these are our cries, this is what we lift up unto you. We need you in the midst of this darkness. You come down be our light Father, in the name of Jesus, Amen.