Give Me What David Had

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Strength

O, you all lift your hands, He is right here with us. He is, absolutely, absolutely. The voice of God is here with us, heavens are opened. He’s bringing architecture into our hearts. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord, Thank you God,

O, we are but men, but we have a spirit inside of us. Yes, we are but mortal, but the Holy Spirit of God lives on the inside among our inner man, amen. Yes, we are dying, but supernatural everlasting life has already been given to us. We shall live forever. He’s in our hearts and in our lives.

Give me what David had, that young boy who sang to sheep. Give me what David had, that young man who grew into a king. Give me what David had, that young one that honored God. Give me what David had, he is my uncle, it’s in my DNA! Give me what he had. He is my father. He is a patriarch of my family. Give me what he had, let it descend upon me through the bowels of the Holy Spirt. Give me that sensitivity and that capacity to walk with God, give me what David had.

Give me what David had! Give me his sensitivity to the voice of God. His willingness to do all your will, I claim it inside of my failing frame, I claim that inside of my mortal life. I claim it from You at the end of the day, in the days of glory or the shine of God. As the systems of the earth fall apart and break, give me what David had! I want it. I reach out and I take it. It’s in the spirit realm, it’s in the word of God. I want that flexibility, I want that sensitivity, I want it!

I want that power, I want that fellowship. For He came and He sat upon the throne of David, that’s His favorite positional place. I want it. I want that power, that strength that aggressiveness as we walk with God towards the end of the day, amen. Give me God, give me that human sensitivity to the will of God. Give me what David had. He is my father, I am of his family, put it within me.