We Want To Be Aware

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Strength

A deep breath (inhale/exhale) in the Spirit makes us seasonally conscious, Amen? Deep breath is the development of genuine seasonal consciousness, seasonal consciousness. To be conscious of the season, to be conscious of where God is positioned, to be conscious of what God is doing now. To be appropriate to what’s flowing from heaven. To have a great dimension of seasonal consciousness. Even in the earth when the seasons change, you change your garments. Winter is coming, you put away your summer clothes, you start to dress appropriately for the season, Amen. New anointings, new thoughts, new attitudes, that are appropriate to the season we find ourselves in – seasonal consciousness.

So Father, like a man tracks the seasons in the earth, the environment starts to change. He first feels the tendrils of coldness coming in. A cold breeze blows into the warmness and he knows times are changing. Let me start to think about getting new garments, let me think about changing my outer wear. Let me shift my actions, let me change my mentalities. I want to be seasonally conscious and so Father we are praying for seasonal consciousness that will flow into how we conduct our marriages, and our families and our work life and our careers and our thoughts and our aspirations, our identity, our priorities, the whole structure of who we are as a human. Make me seasonally conscious, be aware of the correct language and declaration and posture and positioning, all the things that create the dynamics of my life which I execute here and upon the earth. Make me seasonally conscious. Your seasons are changing, You are shifting into a different time. I want to know and be aware. Make me fleet footed, able, willing and flexible in my own heart and in my own spirit. Deep breath is the development of genuine seasonal consciousness, Amen? All future activity or all endeavor must be activated by what is descending from the Upper Realm. The ordained divine season will determine the earthly functionality of your life. The season determines the functionality, Amen.