Cause Me to Walk in Light

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Transformation

Father, give unto us the spirit of wisdom, revelation in the knowledge of You that the eyes of our understanding might be opened. This is our desire God, give us more sight. Sight as the darkness increases. And we have sight because we have light for it is light that gives us sight. Let the light of Your presence fall upon my heart, fall upon my family, fall upon all our communities spread across the nations of the earth.

Let the light of eternity which my heart longs for, which my eyes seek to see, eternity that which I have set my heart and set my mind upon, let it shine down with maximum brilliance upon my life in the midst of the darkness. Though I apprehend the darkness, though I see it, yet the darkness does not invade my soul and does not dim my sight. Open my eyes and cause me to see. Open my ears Oh God and cause me to hear Your voice, hear Your principles, hear Your speaking, hear Your truth, reverberating, resonating, resounding, in every dimension of my human life.

Cause me to hear Your voice, cause me to hear You, hear the sound of Your truth in my heart every day. In all my earthly circumstances let me be surrounded and reminded, motivated, activated by the truth which I do and the truth which I hear. Open my heart, help me to have complete understanding of what You’re saying. Let me not be ignorant, let me not be obscured, but give me understanding, pure, perfect comprehension of God, and His desires, His intent for my life. Cause me to walk in light. Give me the nature and the character of Christ developed, enhanced, implemented in me through the power of the Holy Spirit. Give me such a massive desire for a walk of maturity before the end of my days. Give me the power to arrive at the full measurement of the standard of Christ for my life. Fill my manhood with Your nature. Fill my womanhood with Your strength. Touch my house with Your presence. Cause me to walk in the strength of God all the days of my earthly life.

I lift up my hands unto You Oh God. I lift up my heart unto You Oh God as the earth becomes brutal and things fall apart, let the light of God descend with mighty glory upon my human life, in the name of Jesus.