Stand Alongside Us

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Transformation

Father thank You for lessons learned. Thank You for speaking to us. Thank You for the voice of God. It is the most precious thing before anything that we own or have, because you brought us out of Egypt, passed us across a howling, empty wilderness. You caused fiery serpents to bite us, You left us thirsty without water, You caused us to drink water out of a rock. All of that so we would know, man does not live by bread alone. But our resource, the thing that keep us alive, every word that comes out of the mouth of God, every communication coming across from home; frequencies coming into time from eternity, “searchings” and purposes of God falling upon the hearts of men, a majestic creator of the entire universe calibrating His purpose into human hearts. That’s our life, that’s how we live, that’s our majesty, it’s our nobility, it’s our honor, it’s our future, it’s our greatness, it’s our hope, it is our life. Help us through Your Spirit, through the Parakletos to learn the lessons well.

This late God in time, deep in the crises of the earth we need to learn the lessons, we need to hear Your voice, we need to achieve final maturity, we need to do it correctly, so that no spirit, no prince would mock You, no agent of darkness will lift his voice and say it has not been done right and done well. Help us to honor You and to glorify You through our connected lives. You’ve given us the power and the capacity, now give us the wisdom to use that strength for Your glory.

Give us wisdom through the Holy Spirit. So Spirit of God come down and stand with us. Empower us Mighty Comforter. Come and stand alongside us and help us, help us to be, what our God has ordained us to be in the name of Jesus.

We lift our petitions before you Father, we come into the holy place without wrath or doubting, we come boldly before Your presence bringing our petitions. We pray before You as if He prayed. We lodge our petitions in His name, hear us like You hear Him, regard us like You regard our Savior. We pray before You in the name of Jesus. Amen.