The Blessing We Have

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Transformation

Thank You God for creating me. You listen to this world here, it will tell you craziness. Everything you touch lies to you. Everything you see tries to deceive you. This whole thing is a trap, an illusion, if you buy into it, it will destroy you. This whole entire thing, everything you see, touch, feel, hear, is a trap. It’s a trap. It’s created by a very wise power who has been tracking you since Adam breathed in Eden. The blessing we have is that his program is locked. He cannot evolve. Meanwhile, we are multiplying and not only multiplying we’re going from faith to faith, from glory to glory, from sight to sight, we are getting wiser and smarter and more in favor with God.

He is locked, he can’t evolve, he can’t change, that is the curse God put upon him. In a world or in a dimension of evolution, of growth of continuously becoming more like God, he’s been locked. He can’t grow, he can’t get wiser. But we’re growing and becoming wiser all the time. We could pray that You open the eyes of our understanding. He can’t do that. He used to be in the midst of the glory and got locked. He is cursed, and God committed us to grow and to become more like Christ. And the whole joke is we’re still mortal, and yet we govern him, and the Spirit of God in us gives us the victory over him, Amen. It’s a beautiful thing. I think it is absolutely amazing.