We Desire Maturity

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Hear Our Prayer – Transformation

Maturity means we are fully grown, completely functional, totally appropriate to the Lord’s purposes and intents in the earth at the time. At the time. To be fully grown, Amen, to be completely functional and totally appropriate. What a great thing to desire. To be totally appropriate to what God wants, at the time. He has some desires, He has some “wantings”, He has things and yet you fit, you fit, you are appropriate to Him. Great things to pray. I want to be appropriate to You. I don’t want to stick out, to be awkward. Whatever You need I want to have the skills, capacity, the sight, the ability, the level of faith to be appropriate to You. I want to be appropriate to Your desires and intents in the earth right now. Whatever You need, right now, whatever You need to shift or change, whatever You need to amend or to modify, make me appropriate to Your purposes and intentions now. And that’s a good cry in our hearts unto God.