Joy and Gratitude (Prayer)

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: My Joy

Lift our hands up unto Him [Oh] we bless Your name. Just like Isaiah prophesied, we are rising, we are shining, the light of God is rising upon us, we can feel Your illumination, Your shine, Your proximity. In our hearts, we can feel Your encouragement, Your uplift, Your positive flow coming to us, telling us “it’s ok, you can do it. You can rise, you can walk, you can choose for Me, you can do it.” It feels easy, under the atmospherics of the Holy Spirit. Isaiah prophesied – all around you darkness has covered the earth and darkness has flowed into the hearts of people, but here in the kingdom of God, where is Your joy and Your fulfillment, Your acceleration, Your peace, Your excellence, Your capacity, Thank You for salvation. Thank You for going to the cross. Thank You for Your redemption of my life. You saved me. Our Hearts are full of joy!